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Coltene Micro-Mega EndoFlare

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MM ENDOFLARE- is a Nickel Titanium instrument for Coronal flaring.
Micro Mega Endoflare Classic Rotary Files is a 3 files shaping system which has positive cutting angle for a better enlargement of the canal. The initial treatment with Endoflare is limited to the coronal third of the canal, widening it to improve access. It will then simplify catheterism and filing. Endoflare is used with  reducing contra angle at a speed of 300 to 600 rpm.
On occasion it may be beneficial to use Endoflare after canal preparation is completed to make obturation easier. Endoflare enlarges the canal orifice to improve access for condensers that are used in the heated vertical condensation technique.
If retreatment is required in order to clear the access to the canals, Endoflare can be used to facilitate in the removal of the obturation material.
The blade has a triple helix cross section along with a positive cutting, leading edge. The strong inner core of the instrument results in excellent resistance, virtually eliminating breakages. The shape of the instrument, together with the progressive helix pitch prevents Endoflare from snagging.
3 Files Shaping System

  • A safe non-active tip in order to respect the canal anatomy
  •  A positive cutting angle for a better enlargement of the canal
  •  Excellent debris evacuation and no plug formation

1. Initially open the canal with a MMC Hand File size 10, length 21 mm or 25 mm.
2. Insert ENDOFLARE® in the coronal third to a maximum depth of 3 mm using a gentle back & forth motion.
3. Irrigate generously.
4. In complicated cases, press lightly against the chamber walls in order to selectively debride the area




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MM20141001ENDOFLARE #25 TAPER 12%, 4'S

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